New Birth Success from Ovarian Tissue Grafting

Melbourne IVF researchers were yesterday pleased to announce the world’s second success achieving a pregnancy and birth from ovarian tissue grafted into the abdominal and pelvic walls of a patient who had been left infertile after cancer treatment. Jodie, from Traralgon in country Victoria, gave birth to a healthy girl at Waverley Private Hospital after seeking ovarian tissue grafting to help her regain fertility following treatment for lymphoma cancer.

Melbourne IVF and the Royal Women’s Hospital achieved the world’s first births from abdominal wall grafting – twin girls – in 2013 from this technology when Melbourne woman, Vali, became pregnant seven years after her ovaries were removed during cancer treatment and fragments of ovarian tissue were stimulated to produce eggs that were fertilised through IVF. Two embryos were created and inserted into her pelvis resulting in the world’s first pregnancy and the babies’ arrival in November 2013.

Dr Haider Najjar, Melbourne IVF fertility specialist and managing obstetrician, delivered the baby at Waverley Private Hospital. “While this baby’s conception was a complex journey, the ante natal care was normal and the delivery encounters were obstetrically routine,” he said.

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