New Birth Success from Ovarian Tissue Grafting

Melbourne IVF researchers were yesterday pleased to announce the world’s second success achieving a pregnancy and birth from ovarian tissue grafted into the abdominal and pelvic walls of a patient who had been left infertile after cancer treatment. Jodie, from … Read More

Committed to helping

Dr Najjar now helps couples from the moment of conception until their babies are sent home. Dr Najjar performs fertility surgery, provides treatment and delivers babies. “Being part of people’s lives at such a critical time … the more you … Read More

Mum’s heart close to exploding

Delivered  in a cardiac theatre as surgeons tried to defuse a ticking bomb in her mother’s chest, baby Shakeena had one of the most dramatic entries to the world imaginable. You can read the full article in the Herald Sun.

Saved by my baby

A Melbourne woman at risk of bleeding to death has been saved – by the birth of her first child. You can read the full article in the Herald Sun.